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Our Team

The Inphora Team is dedicated to providing superior optical products optimized to the customer's unique needs and applications. From product design, to manufacturing, to quality assurance and shipping, our team works together to provide our customers with state of the art innovation, quality and service.

Our Products

Combining our unique scientific backgrounds and capabilities, Inphora is able to provide both standard and custom optical filters and optical detectors. We can also design and build new instruments to suit the needs of our client’s very specific applications.

  • Agricultural Analysis

  • Architectural Lighting

  • Astronomy

  • Automotive Displays

  • Biomedical Devices

  • Color Matching

  • Computer Sciences

  • Horticulture

  • Imaging Cameras

  • Interior Design

  • Life Sciences

  • Paint

  • Research and Development

  • Universities

  • And More!

Product Applications
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