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LED Transfer Standards 

Inphora specializes in designing and building reference quality light sources for use as laboratory calibration standards.  The IPR-DES2 is a self-contained LED light source consisting of a temperature-stabilized LED and a high-stability, precision current supply. The standard LEDs are individually selected after a burn-in period of several hundred hours to ensure consistent performance over the life of the standard. The internal controller is optimized for operation above room temperature which results in extremely stable and reproducible light output in any laboratory. 


The IPR-DES line of temperature- and light-stabilized light-emitting diodes comply with specific photometric and radiometric standards. The series consists of GaAsP emitters (green/red), SiC and GaN emitters (blue) and GaAlAs-GaAs emitters (red/NIR). Applications include calibrating standards for detectors, radiometers and other light-measuring systems. They are also suitable for other point light source testing with similar spectral characteristics. Inphora LED Standards are RoHS compliant.



LED Current: 20mA +/- .01%


Light Output: 3-5 Lumens

  • Spectral content of the light output supplied for each unit

  • Light output controlled +/- .1%


LED Uniformity:

  • Change in intensity over 100 hours is less than .5%

  • Change in LED spectral content is less than .5%

  • Intensity stability over one hour is .01% (std dev)


Calibration Period: 100 hours

  • Unit should be recalibrated after100 hours


LED Temperature Control: +/- .1ºC


Operating Temperature Range:

  • 15ºC to 30ºC

  • 20% to 90% relative humidity


Storage Temperature Range: -10ºC to 50ºC


Power Requirements: 110V to 240V AC, 50-60Hz, 3W 


Mounting: Via standard 25mm diameter tube

Item                     Color    Approx. Wavelength   

IPR-DES2-W        White            6000K                      

IPR-DES2-R         Red              610nm                        

IPR-DES2-B         Blue             476 nm                        

IPR-DES2-G        Green           527nm                         

IPR-DES2-IR        IR                 950nm                 

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